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What is Alcohol Ink?

Alcohol ink is specifically formulated to create interesting patterns and effects.The acid-free ink is permanent and dries fairly quickly. It is used to produce a shiny, metallic background or finish. Alcohol inks adhere easily to a variety of materials, many of which are often difficult to apply colorants to. While glossy paper provides better results, this ink can also be applied to acrylic, plastic, metal, foil, glass, and many non-porous surfaces. Alcohol ink projects are used for creating interesting backgrounds. Since the ink is translucent, different color layering effects can be achieved. The single effect technique is the easiest to use and provides numerous effects. Alcohol ink can be diluted with a blending solution or rubbing alcohol. It can also be used straight, depending on the project, individual preferences, and desired effect. For instance, a blending solution adds more subtle coloring effects whereas undiluted alcohol inks result in a more metallic finish. 

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